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Every writer needs time and space. Time away from the distractions and demands of every day life. Space to relax, to think, to dream, to do nothing but create.

Little Book Retreats can provide you with that time and space in peaceful surroundings in the rural heart of Yorkshire. Beautiful rooms, relaxing spaces, lush gardens, delicious meals, stimulating company, no worries.

Join one of our retreats and let your creativity flow. We can't wait to welcome you.


Upcoming Events

  • Promotional Skills for Authors (Tutored retreat)
    Fri, 16 Sept
    Little Book Retreats
    16 Sept, 15:00 – 19 Sept, 11:00
    Little Book Retreats, Fenwick, Doncaster DN6 0HA, UK
    Develop some useful skills to help you promote your novels to your target audience
  • Write-only Retreat
    Fri, 18 Nov
    Little Book Retreats
    18 Nov, 15:00 – 21 Nov, 11:00
    Little Book Retreats, Fenwick, Doncaster DN6 0HA, UK
    Nothing to do but write!
  • Tutor-Supported Retreat with Alison May
    Fri, 20 Jan
    Little Book Retreats
    20 Jan 2023, 15:00 – 23 Jan 2023, 11:00
    Little Book Retreats, Fenwick, Doncaster DN6 0HA, UK
    Visit us for a weekend of writing with the opportunity to receive feedback on your work and writing and publishing advice from our tutor, Alison May.
  • Write-only Retreat
    Sat, 11 Mar
    Little Book Retreats
    11 Mar 2023, 15:00 – 14 Mar 2023, 11:00
    Little Book Retreats, Fenwick, Doncaster DN6 0HA, UK
    Just you and your current project!

Who We Are


Julie Morris


Julie is an award-winning blogger, avid reader and book collector & the heart of Little Book Retreats. An aspiring author herself, she can't wait to share her home & its serene & inspirational surroundings with other authors & provide a warm & welcoming haven in which they can nurture their writing.


Lola Morris

Cocker Spaniel in Residence

Lola is a gentle, friendly & welcoming member of the Little Book Retreats family who loves making new acquaintances, providing support & cuddles where needed & taking long plot walks with anyone who needs a companion.

Collage Maker-14-Jul-2022-10.22-PM.jpg

Barney & Daisy

House Cats

Sometimes shy & glimpsed only fleetingly, they may deign to favour you with their presence & graciously allow you to stroke them if you are very lucky!




Julie is such a warm and welcoming host. Her house is absolutely beautiful and the countryside location was perfect to help me clear my mind and give my writing (and myself!) some quality time. I came away feeling rejuvenated and excited to continue work on my latest manuscript.

Emma Jackson


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